What i'm packing in my hospital bag

That time has come where i need to get my bags packed and i thought id share with you what i'm packing in my hospital bag. I will do a separate post on what i'm packing in my baby boys diaper bag.


  • tooth brush and paste
  • aloe vera
  • brush
  • shampoo and conditioner mini size
  • shower gel
  • face cleanser and make up bag( minimal stuff like mascara and concealer)
  • maternity pads
  • wet wipes - make up remover wipes
  • nipple cream
  • bag for dirty laundry
  • hair ties
  • nipple cream
  • my own towel
  • breast pads


  • 2 nighties that i can breastfeed in easily
  • granny panties
  • dressing gown
  • maternity bras
  • slippers
  • loose skirt and top to wear home (in case i have a c section the skirt needs to be able to go over my belly button)


  • note book and pen
  • Snacks muesli bars, nuts etc
  • bag for dirty laundry

Last minute things to pack

  • my own pillow
  • camera
  • phone - chargers
  • glasses