Vtech First Steps Walker

I don't usually buy musical toys in fact this is the only musical toy we have bought for Alfie, this one I couldn't resist, my kids both loved it when we seen it at the shop. Alfie was on the verge of walking at 8 months and needed something like it to help him get around the room and so i thought id give this a go.

So first things first, setting it up.

I am one of those parents that hates putting things together I usually call hubby over to do it it, but i'm very pleased/proud to publicly announce i could easily put this thing together myself with no instructions :)

I will start with some of the positives then move on to some of the more negatives.

As a walker it is very good, sturdy and very appealing to little ones eyes. I'm sure it helped my baby to walk early at 9 months old, although this was also the age Bella walked so might just be coincidence.

The musical part of the walker can be detached and took places easily like the car ect. This part I like as he is now not using it as a walker because he can walk independently now so he can just play with the buttons.

It claims to teach numbers, colours, shapes and animals. I can safely say it just blurts out noisy stuff that the kids seem to find amusing however i'm not sure its going to be the best education tool for your child.

Attachments are pretty cool it has a phone and you can click it, now Alife my youngest hasn't seen much f this phone as my eldest 4 likes to steal it and hide it for herself.

It also has a door attachment, now at first i thought this was great and then I realised the bloody things falls off all the time. So frustrating as I have to always click it back in and then my youngest usually gives up on the toy by then.

Also when this thing is ran into an object and it tips forward there is a line of plastic underneath it that is a bit of a hazard as the kid can fall onto it so you do need to make sure the path is clear for your little walker.

Overall if you are looking for a walker I think this one is a really good option.
The retail price is around $60, i'm sure if you hunt round or look for sales you can get this cheaper.