So I'm pretty sure we all go through this at some point...

When they start having massive tantrums about the silliest of things or just trying to get our attention in the wrong way because you refuse to buy them every toy in the store!
I have figured out a few ways to calm her down or reason with her.

Real life example; so we were at the warehouse the other day and she began having a meltdown as she really wanted to buy 2 toy bunny's which we didn't want her to have seem as though she has so many toys already and we actually planned on purchasing them for her once she had filled her sticker chart up, but of course this didn't sit to well with her when we told her we have to go now, so that means we have to say bye bye to the bunny's. She started to have her tantrum and everybody who has a kid knows how embarrassing tantrums can be. The easiest and least embarrassing way of avoiding the tantrum would have been for me to have just bought her the bunny's, but then that is teaching her that she can have what she wants, when she wants and if she cant get it she can just cry and then she will get it, you see where I'm going with this? in short a bit spoiled.

First things first you need to look them in the eye's so, get down on their level and maintain eye contact with them, (I know this seems like a scary place to be in the midst of a tantrum!) but its really important to get their attention, to help calm them.
Explain calmly why your not going to get them that toy or for example why you have to leave the park etc.

Try to reason with them, for example, you cant have the bunny's but if you calm down we can go to the playground when we leave. Or we aren't going to get you the bunny's now, but once you have got all your stickers on your chart we can buy you them then as your reward. This usually works for us.

Another tip is to keep something in your hand bag as a treat so you can say to them, you cant have that but if your a good girl you can have a treat.

Another method is distraction, sometimes we just pick her up in the middle of a tantrum and run around and she finds this funny and before you know it she has totally forgot why she was upset in the first place.

Basically I find that we are constantly trying to bargain with her and come to some sort of agreement which is very hard with a 2 year old who can be very convincing.

As hard as tantrums can be, just try to remind yourself your doing great and that most kids do have these, your not alone.

We did actually end up buying her these toy bunny's, but it was on another day when she was behaving really well and had done really good with her sticker chart that week.

She is nearly 3 now and barely has any tantrums! which is awesome, and she is so well behaved now when we explain to her why she cant have that toy now or why we have to leave the playground etc.

Love Nicole