Surviving And Thriving In The Newborn Days

If it is your first time becoming a mother, you probably were like me and have no idea of what is about to hit you right the face. Between sleep deprivation and nappy changes here is some things that might just prepare you a little more for when your little bundle of joy arrives.

Accept help - don't try to do everything yourself and try to give yourself some you time because you have just been through a lot, your body is changing again, your hormones are all over the place and your adapting to all of the responsibilities that come with being a new parent! Take half an hour to yourself, whether that means having a bath, watching a series on Netflix or whatever you do for you!

Relax - I know you probably hear this a lot, "nap when the baby naps" truth be told I couldn't nap! I cannot sleep in the day and at night, I'm an extremely light sleeper. you so much as sneeze in the same room as me and i jump out my skin. But when my baby napped I set aside some time to just close my eyes and relax even though I wasn't sleeping I still felt a lot more energized just for zoning out!

Cleaning can wait - Yes you have jobs to do and that is so hard to adjust to juggling baby and cleaning and looking after yourself and all that good stuff. I told myself if my dishes are done we have clean clothes and the house is somewhat average condition I'm doing great. Re wire the way you used to think. Baby comes first cleaning comes last.

Treat yourself - So I ate so clean my entire pregnancy, but once I gave birth I just wanted a cheat meal or something I wouldn't usually get like burger king or a cupcake or biscuit. So just treat yourself and then forget about it!

Enjoy the moment - This is probably going to be the best years of your life and this little creation is only going to be a newborn for so long so make the most of it, cuddle them longer, stare at them while they sleep and just soak in every single moment!

Have your space - sometimes people just don't know when they have outstayed there welcome and if your like me you might not want to tell them to avoid drama or hurt feelings, but just be strong and tell people when they can visit and under what circumstances from the get go, so they know what to expect and how long they can stay for.

Don't over buy - Consumerism is very good at convincing us we need x y and z But as long as newborns have clothes, milk, nappies and a bed to sleep in and they are good.

Baby wear - Seriously this was a life saver. I had a clingy little adorable squishy who loved to cuddle me and I loved it too and this allowed me to cook, clean go for walks while still comforting and cuddling my babe! Definitely a must for the multitasker.

Don't put your physical appearance down - There is way to much pressure on us these days to get your pre baby body back instantly. Just tell yourself you still look good everyday, be positive about your mom bod, you have plenty of time to loose those extra kgs. Take it from someone who gained a little too much in pregnancy (40 kgs) You will loose it with time and some exercise and clean eating but you don't need to rush into anything drastic like dieting. Also don't be afraid to rock the mum bun and no makeup face, its the least of your priorities.

Go to the baby groups - Do this as much as possible because this will be your savior! It was especially for me as I moved to a city where I knew absolutely no one and had a newborn and I needed some adult conversations even if it was just 5 minutes to keep me feeling less alone.

Don't over do it - This I am guilty of, when Bella was 4 weeks old I actually moved 8 hours away by car and had a very horrible drive down, looking back after that stressful event I would never ever do that again. I wanted to do everything myself and it put a lot of pressure on me and I just felt really exhausted. So just plan ahead and make sure you have all the support and help and that you don't plan any big events for the time frame of the newborn phase.

Love Nicole x