Sensory Play Ideas For 6-12 Months Old

Sensory play ideas for 6-12 months old

Alfie is now 10 months old, he is well and truely into his sensory play right now so i figured i would share our sensory play time ideas with you.

Here are some simple but fun activities to do with your baby.

Exploring senses

  • Metals, pots and pans, spoons.

  • Fabric, cuddly toys, felt, silk.

  • Playdough

  • Muddy play, for this I just mixed flour, water and cocoa powder for "mud".

  • Water play, a bucket of water some frozen ice cubes (optional add flowers to ice)

  • coloured rice , this one you do need to monitor them closely as they might try to eat it. This is just rice & a splash of food colour and a splash of vinegar, then I bake it for 20 mins to make it nice and dry.

  • paint in zip lock bag