Life Update/ Exciting Announcement.

It has been a while since I last wrote a blog and that is because I AM PREGNANT! I'm so over the moon to be pregnant and have been really loving re-living pregnancy and comparing my pregnancy with Bella to this wee one. I have so much to blog about now that I am feeling a bit better so I will be playing catch up!

We had been planning this pregnancy for a while, we did everything by the book and were very excited when we found out we were pregnant on the first try! We used ovia fertility app to help us track when I would be ovulating and how long my cycles are and cant recommend it enough. Hubby actually knew I was pregnant before I did. Apparently I was super moody and the vomiting after my meals was a big sign for him even though I thought I was just coming down with something.

As much as I love being pregnant this pregnancy has been a tough one with the morning sickness. I have been vomiting 3 to 4 times a day since 8 days past ovulation on top of that I had a sub chronic hemorrhage, which lead to spotting and an early scan. Thankfully everything was good in there and we were were so happy when we finally got to see baby's little heart ticking away. Also just to top it off I am having early signs of spd (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) and it has been super painful to say the least.

But all that aside, i am so over the moon to be pregnant with baby number #2. I am 13 weeks pregnant as I am writing this and will be around 16 weeks when I post this. I am feeling much better in terms of morning sickness but unfortunately my spd symptoms seem to be worsening. Ill do a blog about how I am treating my spd very soon once I have found what seems to be working for me.

Food cravings were pies in the first 6 weeks and then salad in the weeks 7-9 and now I am craving very bland food, just like veggies and rice or pasta and broccoli and just fruit, my cravings really aren't too crazy.

I now have a very cute well rounded bump now which is still small but I definitely notice it as my pants don't button up. My weight gain is going pretty steady so far, which I'm happy about as my last pregnancy I gained a bit to much thanks to my pie cravings. I never actually got back to my pre pregnancy weight with Bella, I had 5 more kgs to go so that's why I don't want to gain weight as fast this time.

some of my major symptoms in the first trimester were:

  • vomiting
  • extremely sensitive to smells which lead to vomiting.
  • food aversions, I couldn't even look at some foods as it would make me vomit instantly, even if I thought about those foods in my head i would vomit.
  • sensitive breasts
  • hormonal
  • fatigued

Im am so happy to be able to tell everyone and share our exciting pregnancy journey with you all and am so grateful to be experiencing another pregnancy.

Another app i highly recommend is it is great for weekly updates on how baby is doing in there, but i mostly love it because there is a 3d image of baby that you can twirl around and have a close up look, my daughter loves having a look at baby and she gets so excited to see every week, so much cuteness :)
Love Nicole x