In The Kitchen With Kids

In the kitchen with little ones

When i'm cooking i like to get the Bella (4) involved as much as possible. She enjoys the process of helping and discovering her abilities.

Cutting - while i am cutting the harder vegetables i like to give Bella a butter knife and she can cut the softer things such as mushrooms. Or i will give her a egg slicer to slice mushrooms, strawberry's, avocado ect.

pouring - Bella can help pour water for every one and she takes it to the table as well and that helps her balance and hand eye co ordination.

Dishes- Bella will gladly help wash up the dishes and in fact really enjoys it , she just has a stool to help her reach and i give her control of the dish brush and washing liquid and away she goes. i always take out the sharp things like knives and put them aside as i don't want her to wash these in case she has an accident, but other than that she is free to wash anything else.

Bella love's to be involved in the process of cooking and cleaning around the house.
It gets her more interested in eating the food that she has personally prepared at mealtime.
she is learning practical life skills like, cooking, cleaning and at the same time is helping her fine motor skills while also helping with her independence.

Here is a list of things that will help assist your little one with cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

apple corer and cutter
Egg slicer
butter knife
cups for drinking
a step ladder to reach the counter
metal bowls
wooden spoons
dish cloth