Going on holiday with a two year old.

We are going on our second family holiday, our first was to Sydney, but this time we are going to the cook islands, Rarotonga!

We are so unbelievably excited to have 10 days in the beautiful island.

I always get a little anxious when thinking about traveling with a toddler as it could go either way she could be easy peasy or she could go nuts.

She has done a lot of short flights before domestically but only 1 international. On the short flight she was great, usually falls asleep the whole way (about 1 hour journey). But when we flew to Sydney which was about a 3 hour flight it was a lot more challenging.

For distraction's i brought a little back pack for her.

Here is a list of what i have put in her carry on bag:

  • a small soft toy (her bunny)
  • paper
  • pencils
  • book
  • her small toy animals
  • snacks
  • water
  • juice
  • small blanket
  • ipad (it has her games on)

This should keep her entertained as well as the movies on the plane :)

For her luggage

We are packing very minimal we have two very small carry on cases and that will have all our stuff in.

Here is what she is bringing,

  • 8 dresses
  • 10 undies
  • 2 pairs of leggings
  • 1 rain coat
  • 2 t- shirts
  • 2 pairs of togs (swim suits)
  • beach feet
  • one pair of sandals
  • goggles
  • life jacket
  • Frog float for the pool.

That is it.

The resort has a washing machine so i will probably end up doing a load of washing at some point.

Quick tip:

Roll your clothes up, this maximizes space.

Just thought i would post this in case any one else is taking their toddler on holiday too and needs some ideas on what to pack.

I'm sure once i have gone on holiday i will be like darn it i wish i had packed this or that but we shall see :)

Love Nicole.