Getting Outdoors With Kids

Alfie and bella are drawn to the outdoors, much like most children right?

This got me thinking about how much time we spend outside, summers here are very hot in sydney and so we often avoid going out in full sun and we wait until there is shade in our yard before going out.

Winter in sydney we go out a lot more and for longer as the winter here is very nice and i find in the cooler weather alfie and bella get much more exercise and play.

research shows that children need the outdoors for so many different reasons and if you follow me on instagram i posted a while back about going outdoors everyday.

since doing this i noticed a change in bellas sleeping habits, how she was interacting with others her environment and it was overall just a positive experience.

So we went out every day almost for the last 7 months for about 2-4 hours every day, as we have spent the last year homeschooling i have had the flexibility to do so.
It is so amazing to combine nature into everyday play, the possibilities are endless for them.

Here are few ideas to prepare yourself for leaving the house with kids.

  • always have a few changes of clothes, as you never know how messy they are going to get.
  • make a picnic and take lots of water all that exercise will make them hungrier and thirstier than usual.
  • take a bucket and spade with you even to playgrounds as a lot of them have sand pits and also kids will use this to play in the mud and leaves.

kids will be happy going out in all the weather, Bella loves to find the sun the moon and has a good old look at the clouds to see what shapes they resemble. they love bird watching and bug hunting and feeling the rain and the wind and all the different textures and experience that the outdoors offers.

Defiantly give this a go as it really does work wonders

Love Nicole