Attachment parenting

Ive decided to do a blog about attachment parenting to explain why we do it and all the benefits of doing it. We also practice gentle parenting as well which i plan on doing another blog about later so i can go into more depth with that. This blog will give you a good understanding of what attachment parenting is and if its for you.

Attachment parenting:

For those of you who have no idea what this is, heres a brief summary.

Its basically where you nurture the connection between parents and baby and the whole idea of it is to raise well rounded confident, secure children.
How to do this is very easy and comes natural to most mothers and fathers.

Dr sears made a book called 'The Baby Book' which explains all about attachment parenting and all the benefits of it.

In his book he talks about the 7 b's

Birth bonding-
The moment the baby is born, its a very important time to have skin to skin with the baby and cuddles and to hopefully breastfeed the baby as this all helps with the bonding of baby and mother.

Breastfeeding helps to release a hormone called oxytocin, which is basically a happy hormone so its great for mums to be able to breastfeed.
He believes that all babies should only have breast milk for the first 6 months of there lives, nothing else and that newborns be breast fed 8 - 12 times a day or as much as they want it.
Also he believes every child should be breastfed for as long as 1 - 4 years. exclusively breastfeeding is beneficial for mother and baby as it helps your milk supply be exactly what your child wants, which is why i stay away from expressing milk ect. ( obviously not every mum can breastfeed but if you can it is so beneficial for mums and baby)

Baby wearing-
We all know how much babies love being carried, so do just that. This not only promotes a sense of security and safety for them but it also helps with calming them and even getting them to sleep.
In fact 99 percent of the time this is how i get Alfie to sleep, I put him in my ergo carrier and rock him to sleep and guess what? he will sleep for hours on me in that thing but as soon as i put him down he wakes up.
Its a lovely bonding method too i mean who doesn't love baby cuddles.

Bedding close to baby-
Co sleeping, or sleeping close to your baby.
A lot of people don't know this but in the book 'science of parenting' (go read it its amazing) it basically states that sids hardly happens in country's where most people co sleep, in country's such as south east Asia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia ... thats right because all of those parents have to co sleep because of space limits.
Co sleeping benefits the child and family in so many ways here is just a few ways..
Benefits include more sleep for mum as she can just role over and feed baby without having to get out of her bed. it also helps the baby's breathing rhythm and body temperature, which again helps avoid sids.
(in saying this if your are going to co sleep please make sure you do it safely and do your research first to make sure this would suit you and your baby)

Belief in the language value of your baby’s cry-
I hate the old school method of cry it out or 'sleep training'. Again in the book 'science of parenting' it goes into details about how cry it out or sleep training is not good for the mental health of the baby. Its quite obvious really babies cant talk, crying is there way of communicating with you if you ignore their cry you are telling them, 'i'm not listening' or 'i don't care' and this sends them into a state of distress and this signals to there brain to release a hormone called cortisol which is a hormone produced because of stress and it is often present in depressed people. There are multiple studies on why you should not do this because of the negative effects it has on the mental health of your child.

Beware of baby trainers-
No sleep training, this is only doing emotional damage to the child.
One of your many jobs as a parent is, you need to help raise a well rounded individual and all of the things i said above about sleep training is basically why you should not do this, or why we chose not to anyway.

Finding a good balance in your lifestyle of being a parent, but never give up on attachment parenting.
But don't loose yourself and take time out to nurture yourself and your other relationships too.

I understand that attachment parenting is not for every one and thats fine, but for our family this is what we do. When we first became parents, we had no idea what it was and what types of parenting styles there where. We just found this is just what we ended up doing and what came natural to us and then as the more research we did we found our parenting style has a label.

Love Nicole xx