All about Co- sleeping.

So we never planned on co-sleeping, we were adamant on her sleeping in her cot from day one! We thought we had it all sussed out.
But we were so wrong, turns out little miss hated her cot that we spent a lot of money on (wasted money!).
She hated sleeping apart from us and whenever we would try to put her down in her cot she would cry so loud and be so unsettled. She hated the damn thing. My midwife said it's because when they are newborns the crib feels to spacious for them and they prefer to be in a basinet type of thing.
So we bought a little co-sleeping bassinet for the middle of our bed It was the Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper. This was a life changer for us, we would rock her or breastfeed her to sleep (mostly breastfed to sleep) and put her in the co-sleeper with no fears of rolling over and squishing her, which meant what little sleep we did have was more restful knowing she was all safe and sound.
I could put one hand over and nearly cuddle her while she slept. For our next baby however we will probably use this and the dock a tot which looks amazing and much more comfortable for baby and parents.

Then when she was old enough we just put her in our bed with us and re-arranged our furniture to make this a safe environment for her to sleep in.

Tips for safe co sleeping are

  • make sure your bed is pushed up against a wall, this should be babies side.

  • make sure baby has his/her own blanket.

  • make sure the room temperature is perfect.

If you feel like you don't have enough room push a single bed up against your current bed, but make sure baby only sleeps on the side of the wall as you don't want them to roll over in the cracks of the two beds.

This doesn't have to be a forever thing either some parents do this for a few months or so and others do it for much longer.

We are still co sleeping with our 2.5 year old but if some nights she wants to sleep in her own bed or falls asleep in her own bed that is perfectly fine. We do try to encourage her to sleep in her own bed, but if she doesn't want to that is also fine.

some benefits of co-sleeping are:

  • helps to regulate temperatures
  • Helps regulate heart rhythms
  • Decreases risk of sudden infant death syndrome
  • always being there to check on them.
  • Long term emotional health
  • Co-sleeping helps with, creating a stable mentality for little ones which means less anxious more confident and independent.
  • Safer than crib sleeping
  • more sleep for dad and mum- just roll over and breast feed them back to sleep rather than get up and feed them,if bottle fed this doesn't really apply.
  • comfort - they love to feel safe and being close to you makes them feel more secure.

In saying all of this I totally understand if you don't want to co-sleep. Its not for everyone and just do what ever works for you and your family.

We do attachment parenting and it involves a lot of patience and time but we think its worth it for our family. I will have a blog out soon on attachment parenting so keep a look out for that.

Our theory is they are only babies once and we will cherish all the cuddles and moments we get as one day, when they grow up they wont want to cuddle as much and wont want to sleep in your room.

Love Nicole