26-28 week Bump update And Gender reveal!

I'm 28 weeks pregnant now and oh my gosh I cant get over how fast this pregnancy is flying over. I just seem to blink and another week fly's by especially at this time of the year with all the holidays and birthdays, it just seems to be a busy time at the moment. I don't think i have mentioned this on my page but we are expecting a little boy and we are so beyond excited!

My spd pain is much more manageable, I went to see a physiotherapist but that wasn't too helpful to be honest. The hospital physiotherapist gave me a support belt which I hate and refuse to wear as it is so uncomfortable and tight. I have been doing a gentle yoga for pregnancy which has been helping with the pain and also just helping to relax and have me time :) I just look up one on Youtube for pregnancy and do about 30 minutes a day depending on how bad my spd is that day. It also helps my joints out and helps my body to relax and hopefully prepares my body for labor!

My bump is getting bigger and bigger and I have gained a bit to much so far but that's okay because i'm eating healthy, exercising and I trust in my body to know what is the right amount I need to prepare me and little man for our journey through pregnancy, birth and for my breastfeeding milk supply! Plus I try not to be to hard on myself about weight gain in pregnancy, I always remind myself I'm growing a tiny human and the weight I can always loose afterwards!

Bella is so excited for our little mans arrival and is constantly kissing and hugging my tummy and talking to him, this literally melts my heart! She will be the sweetest big sister.

We have decided on a name but wont be announcing it till he is born :) I will say though I absolutely adore his name and cant wait to tell you! It took us a little while to actually agree on a name me and my husband lee actually both liked, so I am pretty stoked we have finally picked a name!

Lastly I thought I would touch base on the birthing plan. With Bella I had an emergency c section as she was a missed diagnosed frank breech baby, so with little man I am intending to try for a vbac, given that he isn't breech and everything goes well. I have been doing a lot of reading and studying and just general research into if this is the right decision for myself and based on what I have learnt so far I think that this is the right choice for me.

Some great books I have been loving are :

The science of parenting
Book by margot sunderland

Healing Yourself During Pregnancy
Book by Joy Gardner

Love Nicole x