10 Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a beautiful thing. There are however some not so glamorous side effects of pregnancy, that no one really tells you or talks openly about. So here are some things that may or may not happen to you in pregnancy.

  • Your boob's leak, mine started leaking colostrum at 14 weeks pregnant and did up until I gave birth.

  • Sleeping is uncomfortable especially in the later weeks, on the positive side its prepare's us for after birth I guess.

  • Your body will never look the same, apart from those few lucky people. You will just learn to embrace it, tiger stripes, saggy belly, saggy boobs and all.

  • Your nipples get darker and start to change a lot.

  • You get out of breath, just walking up steps or putting your shoes on, which is very hard by the way when you have a big belly in your way.

  • You go of certain foods, for me it was kiwifruit and to this day I still cannot stand the taste which is very strange since it used to be one of my favorites.

  • In the later months you literally waddle everywhere because you have so much pressure down there and it can be super uncomfortable.

  • People get super nosey and really offensive (might be the hormones) somethings just really wind you up, like in my case 'remember your not actually eating for 2' or even the looks you get when you tell them your only 20 weeks along but your huge so they expect you to be due in the next week or two.

  • Stretch marks hurt so bad, I literally used all kinds of oils, lotions the whole lot but I just got so big and it's in my genes. My stretch marks started to appear and they got so sore I felt like my skin was ripping. In some of them you can also see my veins as it has stretched that much. Ouch.

  • In some cases you may vomit every time you wake up, brush your teeth or you smell something funky.

These are some things that happened to me personally but I know there are lots of other things no one tells you which I didn't get, like you may pee yourself when you sneeze, or you get super emotional over anything, or you grow dark hair or you cant eat because your constantly vomiting everything back up. It is all completely worth it!

Love Nicole