Top 10 Newborn Necessities

When it comes to things your newborn needs, besides the obvious such as milk,nappies and clothes. Here is a list of 10 things that will make those newborn days easier.

1. Bassinet.

In my experience a newborn baby doesn’t like sleeping in big spaces like a cot (My baby is now 13 months and still refuses to sleep in a cot).

2. Baby swing.

These will come in handy when your baby needs the comfort of rocking motions, but you have to do the dishes or other less fun jobs.

3. Changing table.

These are great for c-section mamas as bending over to change your baby on the floor or bed can be very straining on your scar.

4. Sling/baby carrier.

Baby’s love being cuddled up to you and these are the best things ever if you need to get jobs done around the house and want to keep your baby close.

5. Diaper bag.

You don’t need an actual ‘diaper’ bag. But what you do need is a big bag one with a long strap so you can put around your pram. It needs to be big enough to fit all the basics such as nappies, wipes, spare clothes, bottles ect.

6. Pram.

Invest in an amazing pram. Trust me you wont regret it!! I bought a fairly cheap pram and hate it and am in the process of replacing it. When buying a pram think of these things… Can it fold down to fit in my boot? Can it accommodate a second baby? Is it suitable for the area i live?

7. Breastfeeding pillow.

I cant stress enough how much i loved my breast feeding pillow. It made feeding my baby so much easier.

8. Car seat.

This is pretty obvious, if you own a car and want to use it with baby your going to need one of these. Make sure you do your research and get one that is safe and also do your research in how to properly install it into your vehicle.

9. Nappy cream.

Newborns need diaper changes often and they get nappy rash fairly easy if you don’t apply any cream. There are plenty available that work wonders, we use sudocream and it works really well.

10. Baby bath.

Also the essentials, such as a brush, nail clippers/scissors, body wash (something gentle and natural if you can).

The list can go on and on, but these are the 10 top things i think will make life so much easier in those first few months.

Hospital bag check-list

So if you are going in for a hospital birth here are some things you’re going to want to take with you on this exciting trip.


You are going to want to be comfortable, most hospitals provide gowns or you might want to bring your own, be prepared to throw this out though as it will probably get messy.

Relief balls

Labour is painful, so you’re going to want to have something to take your pain out on, i personally found some squishy balls that had smiley faces on them and i pretty much gripped them the whole way through (as well as my poor partners hands).


You can find these in any supermarket called maternity pads they are basically just big sanitary pads, most hospitals also provide these but they are not as nice as the store ones.


Depending on how your labouring goes you’re going to be in the hospital at least over night, in my case a week! So for example hairbrush, toothbrush, tooth paste, nipple cream, deodorant, makeup, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, stretch mark cream (you’re still going to want to apply this even once you have had your baby as your skin gets very loose once baby is born).


These are a must if you want to get those first precious photos of your new bundle. Don’t forget the chargers either, also a cell phone, laptop, ipod/music device.

Breast feeding pillow

This was a must for me in the end i had an emergency c - section so obviously the pain afterwards in my belly was very bad so i had to have this pillow i had one of the triangle ones that wrapped perfectly around my belly and my baby could just cuddle up to me and feed in comfort for baby and mama.


Pack clothes for baby and mom. You will be surprised how many clothes you will go through especially if you are in the hospital a week like myself. I would say over pack is better than under packing, go in expecting to be in a while and pack comfy clothes for you both. Mom can probably get away with 7 outfits and baby you will need about 14 outfits as they spit up and have poop explosions a lot. Mom’s don’t forget to pack those big undies as you’re going to want them. Dads weren’t allowed to stay in the hospital i birthed in but if your hospital allows this you will need to pack a daddy bag too.

Car seat

For obvious reasons your new baby is going to have to go home in their car seat so don’t forget this one. also make sure you know how to properly install it. if you don’t ask someone at the hospital to double check your seat is safely installed.

Baby hats

Baby’s loose a lot of heat out their head so these are a must to make sure they are warm and snugly. Wool is best as polyester hats aren’t as breathable as wool or cotton.

Baby blanket

They also provide these at the hospital but they aren’t the nicest so best take a nice woolly blanket, especially if it’s winter.


My experience of the hospital food was gross, i would definitely have some money on you so if you don’t happen to like the hospital food you can use a vending machine or go to the cafeteria. Bring your own snacks too.

There will be other things you need to bring as well so i advise you to write down everything you think you will need. Heck just throw it in, even if you’re unsure you will need it. Don’t be afraid to be that one person who rolls up with three bags and pillows strapped to you. I was and everyone just thought it was cute or funny but in the end i pretty much used everything i brought. Pack your bag as soon as you can and then just keep adding to it every week i started packing mine at about 30 weeks and had it fully packed by 36 weeks, i didn’t end up going into labour till 42 weeks but it’s best to be prepared as 36 weeks is considered full term.

Good luck and i wish you the all the best on this exciting journey!

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